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Ghana Union Hamburg e.V. (short: “GUH”)


Ghana Union Hamburg e.V. is a non-profit organization in Hamburg. Our primary concern is the promotion of international understanding, democratic awareness, intercultural exchange as well as integration and social work. Our aim is to drive an inclusive and participatory society from the local level.

In addition to various social services such as counseling, meeting rooms and tutoring classes, we also organize cultural activities as well as information and mediation services in Hamburg and the surrounding area to promote the exchange of German-African relations. All is done according to the motto:


Open, activate and motivate cultures and networks!


In order to offer a broad range of services, we are cooperating with the project "Globus" by Basis and Woge e.V. as well as the church of Dulsberg and other local and global intercultural associations.


Since March 2016 Ghana Union Hamburg e.V. is the responsible organization One-World-Promotor for Migration, Diaspora and Development in Hamburg. Events, projects, articles, videos and more are presented in the One-World-Blog.


Recently, Ghana Union Hamburg e.V.  has become the association for about 90 smaller Ghanaian organizations, businesses as well as many religious institutions of the Ghana Community in Hamburg. Thus, Ghana Union Hamburg e.V. represents the diverse interests of Ghanaians in and around Hamburg and offers the marginalized groups a powerful voice to act in the sense of empowerment. Exciting times are ahead of us!

We are always happy to receive inquiries about cooperation opportunities and networking.

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